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Souvenirs of Canada
Souvenirs of Canada

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Business Gifts

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Souvenirs of Canada - Foods of Canada:
Maple Syrup Treats
For a sweet gift guaranteed to please, we offer the rich flavour of authentic Canadian maple syrup in its many delectable forms - maple syrup, chocolates, candies, jams and jellies, teas and coffees, nuts, snacks, cookies and many other treats. A perfect gift for conferences, conventions and incentive trips, speakers, international visits and tradeshows - a memory of Canada to savour!

Maple Chocolate

Canadian Classic Maple Chocolate Crunch
PC: 11-699
Award-winning demerera butter crunch flavoured with maple syrup with white chocolate and hazelnuts - a scrumptious gift to send out of town or country. Packaged in a regal red and gold with Canada's signature maple leaf.


$1.90 1oz bar (50/case - min 4 cases)
$4.95 3oz bar (25/case - min 4 cases)

Regional Labels

Toronto Tag
Toronto Tag

Candy choices
Candy choices

Destination Tags
Destination Tags

Souvenir Candy & Snack Packs
PC: 255-1127
Create your own unique keepsake by combining your choice of candy with the souvenir tag from your destination!

Candy, nut and snack choices range from gum balls, maple candy, Scotch mints and fruit minis to chocolate blueberries and cherries, chocolate loonies and toonies, trail mix, and cashews. There are even several "No sugar added" chocolate options.

Labels include:
- Canada
- Quebec, Canada
- British Columbia, Canada
- Banff, Canada
- Toronto, Canada
- Prince Edward Island, Canada
- Nova Scotia, Canada
- Niagara Falls, Canada
- Muskoka, Canada
- New Brunswick, Canada
- Labrador, Canada
- Friendly Manitoba
- Ottawa, Canada

$3.00 Trail mix, 80g
$3.95 Raspberry chocolate balls, 75g
$4.00 Chocolate almonds 90g
$2.50 Maple candy 75g
$2.50 Pub nuts, Butter Toffee Nuts, 80g
$2.10 Scotch mints

40ml jug

All sizes
All sizes

Maple Syrup Jug
PC: 6-907
Bottled in plastic jugs for worry free shipping, our maple syrup is 100% pure and natural Canada No.1 Medium. Label features a heritage sugarbush image.

$3.35 40 ml (order in cases of 48, min 3 cases)
$4.80 100 ml (order in cases of 24, min 4)
$8.90 250 ml (order in cases of 12, min 4)
$14.75 500 ml (order in cases of 12, min 3)
$28.50 1 L (order in cases of 6, min 3)

Maple Cream Cookies

Maple Cream Cookies
PC: 6-2303
Yummy maple cream cookies, a traditional favourite made with real maple syrup! The 200g box is a perfect snack size, containing 8-10 cookies.


Gourmet Bottle

Plastic Jug
Plastic Jug

Inukshuk Maple Syrup
PC: 146-1347
Whether you choose the colourful plastic jug or the elegant pewter adorned glass bottle, the sweet taste of award winning maple syrup is all Canadian!

$16.50 Inukshuk plastic jug, 500 ml (order in 12's, min 36)
$8.80 Inukshuk plastic jug, 250 ml (order in 12's, min 60)
$4.10 Inukshuk plastic jug, 100 ml (order in 24's, min 120)
$14.50 Gourmet pewter Inukshuk bottle, 200 ml (order in 12's, min 36)


Jug O'Syrup
PC: 146-703
A great little gift that ships well and delivers great taste! The label on the plastic jug of maple syrup can be imprinted with one of Canada's popular meeting destinations: Canada, Quebec, Ottawa, Banff, Vancouver, Niagara, Montreal, Whistler, Toronto, Victoria, Atlantic and Inukshuk.

$4.10 100ml (order in 24's, min 120)
$8.80 250ml (order in 12's, min 60)
$16.25 500ml (order in 12's, min 36)
$28.25 1 litre (min 12)

Sugarbush design

Autumn Maple Leaves design
Autumn Maple Leaves design

Maple Syrup in Plastic Jug with Custom Hang Tag
PC: 6-2308
Bottled in plastic jugs for worry free shipping, our maple syrup is 100% pure and natural Canada No.1 Medium. Your logo and message digitally imprinted on a folding hangtag and tied to the handle with a gold elastic cord. Two designs available: Sugarbush and Autumn Maple Leaves

Imprint: Custom imprint included (set-up charge in addition)

$5.10 100ml plastic jug with custom hang tag (min 192 units)
$9.15 250ml plastic jug with custom hang tag (min 192 units)
$15.75 500ml plastic jug with custom hang tag (min 192 units)

Custom imprinted hangtag

Canadian Maple Syrup with Custom Hangtag
PC: 6-594
Nothing says "Canada" like the rich sweet flavour of pure Canadian Maple syrup! Elegantly presented in a classic maple leaf shape glass bottle. Includes custom printed hangtag with your logo and/or message.

Imprint: Custom hang tag included (plate & set-up charge in addition), min order 192 units

$6.50 50ml maple leaf (order in cases of 48)
$10.00 100ml maple leaf (order in cases of 48)
$15.75 250ml maple leaf (order in cases of 12)

Maple Cream Cookies

Maple Cream Cookies
PC: 344-2305
Simply the best maple cream cookies. Not too sweet, the sugar is removed leaving a luscious maple flavour - downright addictive! Western Canadian mountain scene on one side, central Canada autumn leaf scene on the other. The 400g box contains 18 cookies - enough to share, but you won't want to!


Maple leaf bottle

Maple Leaf Bottles of Syrup
PC: 146-1114
Pure Canadian maple syrup is always a delicious and appreciated gift! The classic maple leaf shaped glass bottles come in 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml sizes, filled with Gold Medal winning maple syrup.

$8.25 100 ml (order in 24's, min 48)
$13.75 250 ml (order in 12's, min 36)
$24.25 500 ml Grade A Light or Amber (order in 6's, min 24)

Maple Syrup in Crate

Maple Syrup in Presentation Crate
PC: 344-2382
Make a grand statement with a leaf shaped bottle of award winning Canadian maple syrup. Comes shrinkwrapped in an open frame wood crate, ready for presentation.

$21.00 250ml Leaf Shaped bottle in crate (order in 12's, min 24)
$13.00 100ml Leaf Shaped bottle in crate (order in 12's, min 36)
$9.00 50ml Leaf Shaped bottle in crate ( (order in 14's, min 42)

Maple Shortbread Cookies

Maple Shortbread Cookies
PC: 344-2304
Mouth-watering shortbread cookies flavoured with real maple syrup, attractively presented in a 200g Special Edition collectors' tin.


Birch wrap packaging

Small Wrap
Small Wrap

Tube Wrap
Tube Wrap

Maple Syrup in Natural Birch Wrap
PC: 6-1019
A mouthwatering selection of gourmet maple syrup gifts in flexible birch wraps, fastened with a leather strap and wooden maple leaf button.

Imprint: Optional foil stamp on case at added set-up cost (min 60 units)

$21.00 Small wrap filled with 100g maple drop candies
$19.75 Small wrap - 50ml pure maple syrup, leaf bottle
$33.75 Large wrap - 250 ml pure maple syrup,leaf bottle
$33.50 Tube - 60ml syrup, 72g maple spread, 60ml maple jelly

Classic Maple Leaf


Leaf Oval
Leaf Oval

Maple Syrup in Custom Engraved Bottle
PC: 143-2309
Winner of Product of the Year, our bottles of Real Maple Syrup are deep-etched and hand painted, making them a unique and truly memorable gift for all occasions. Beautifully presented in a hinged lid black gift box with protective foam liner.

Imprint: run charge and single color fill included (set up in addition)

$34.00 Classic Maple Leaf, 50ml (min 12 units)
$48.00 Classic Maple Leaf, 100 ml (min 12 units)
$62.00 Classic Maple Leaf, 250 ml (min 12 units)
$84.00 Classic Maple Leaf, 500 ml (min 12 units)
$49.00 Canada bottle, 250 ml (min 12 units)
$69.00 Canada bottle, 500 ml (min 12 units)
$62.00 Leaf Oval bottle, 250 ml (min 12 units)

Maple Syrup in Birch Wrap

Maple Syrup in Birch Wrap
PC: 327-2234
Nothing says "Canada" like maple syrup! We suggest a classic 375ml bottle of 100% Canadian maple syrup presented in a birch wrap box - perfect for gifting.

$38.00 (order in 12's)