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Awards & Recognition
Awards & Recognition


Souvenirs of Canada
Souvenirs of Canada

Business Gifts
Business Gifts

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Awards & Recognition:
Other media
Works of hand in clay, stone, wood, metal, glass and other mixed media let you express your message in a way that will make a lasting impression.

On the Edge

Ahead of the Curve
Ahead of the Curve


Ahead of the Curve - Multi-Media Made in Canada
PC: 304-1274
Pay tribute to those whose performance and contribution is always ahead of the curve! Distinctive designs combining granite, glass and aluminum with plenty of space for your unique inscription requirements.

Imprint: included

$74.00 On the Edge, Small, 4"W x 6.25"H
$101.00 On the Edge, Medium, 5"W x 6.25"H
$117.00 On the Edge, Large, 5.5"W x 8.75"H
$63.00 Ahead of the Curve, Small, 3.65"W x 6.75"H
$128.00 Ahead of the Curve, Large, 5"W x 9.5"H
$63.00 Surge, Small, 4"W x 6.25"H
$126.00 Surge, Large, 5"W x 9.25'H

Flame I

Flame II
Flame II

Flame Awards Made in Canada
PC: 304-1275
For some, the passion to excel burns like a flame! Pay tribute to that unquenchable spirit with an award designed to draw attention. Crafted in glass and granite, these awards offer generous inscription areas.

Imprint: etching on glass included (set-up & optional colour-fill in addition)

$139.00 Flame I, 5"W x 8.25"H (min 4 units)
$69.00 Flame II, Small, 3.5"W x 7"H (min 10 units)
$125.00 Flame II, Large, 4.5"W x 9.25"H (min 5 units)

Peak Tribute 6 & 9

Peak Tribute 9
Peak Tribute 9

Peak Foundation 5
Peak Foundation 5

Peak Tribute 4 & 8
Peak Tribute 4 & 8

Peak Awards - Mixed Media Made in Canada Eco Friendly
PC: 304-1273
For those who scale the peaks of excellence or overcome mountainous challenge, a choice of stand-out awards crafted in a combination of fieldstone, glass and aluminum.

$153.00 Peak Tribute 6, 5.5"W x 9"H, (min 4 units)
$158.00 Peak Tribute 9, 6.15"W x 8.5"H (min 4 units)
$92.00 Peak Foundation 5, Small, 4.75"W x 5"H (min 7 units)
$126.00 Peak Foundation 5, Medium, 4.75"W x 5"H (min 7 units)
$188.00 Peak Foundation 5, Large, 6"W x 6"H (min 4 units)
$167.00 Peak Tribute 4, 6.5"W x 8.5"H (min 4 units)
$74.00 Peak Tribute 8, Small, 4.25"W x 6"H (min 10 units)
$105.00 Peak Tribute 8, Large, 5.25"W x 7"H (min 7 units)

25 Years

2 & 5 Years
2 & 5 Years

10, 15 and 20 Years
10, 15 and 20 Years

Years of Service Award Made in Canada Eco Friendly
PC: 304-2369
Celebrate your employees' Years of Service with these distinctive awards crafted in black granite, aluminum and glass. Stock designs available in 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years - increasing in size and design detail.

Imprint: etching on glass included (set-up & text changes in addition)

$76.00 2 or 5 years, 3.5"W x 6"H
$99.00 10 years, 4.5"W x 7"H
$128.00 15 years, 5"W x 7.5"H
$146.00 20 years, 5.5"W x 8"H
$202.00 25 years, 5.5"W x 9"H

En Garde


Polar Bear Sculptures, Small Made in Canada
PC: 14-1206
These playful giants bring to life the very nature of the Great Canadian North. Each sculpture is cast in high strength gypsum cement, carefully wet-sanded, polished and patinated to a soft stone-like lustre. Presented with an iceberg edge glass base. Titled, signed and numbered by the artist.

Even the names of the designs are inspirational... Avanti, Challenge, Warrior, En Garde, Polaris, Gentle Giant.

$84.00 Gentle Giant (top left), 2"x2.3"x3.8"
$84.00 Polaris (top right), 2"x3"x4"
$88.00 En Garde (centre), 2.6"x2.5"x4.8"
$88.00 Avanti (bottom left), 2"x2.5"x4.8"
$84.00 Warrior (botto right), 2.3"x2.5"x3.5"


Single Settings
Single Settings


Group Settings
Group Settings

Polar Bear Sculpture on Crystal Base Made in Canada
PC: 14-590
Each sculpture, made by hand and cast in natural stone dust, is one of a limited edition series, signed and numbered by the artist. These playful giants bring to life the very nature of the Great Canadian North. Each polar bear is presented with a jade crystal base which may be optionally etched with your special message. Gift boxed. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Choose from a portfolio of inspirational designs to recognize achievement, teamwork, mentoring, leadership, and other corporate values and relationships...

Singles: Believe, Encouraging, Rejoice, Looking Ahead, Listening, Tender Care, Sentinel

Groups: Celebrate, Well Done, Encouraging, Exultant!, Entre Nous, The Apology, Looking Ahead

Many other options available upon request.

Size: Small - 3"-6.5" high
Med - 3"-4" high
Large - 5"-12" high

Imprint: Optional custom inscription engraved on base at added cost

$114.00 Believe, Small 6.25"x2"x2.5" on 5"diam base
$300.00 Believe, Large 12"x4.5"x4" on 7.5"diam base
$208.00 Encouraging - Single (7"x4.5"x3.5") or Listening (4.75"x3.25"x6") on 8" diam base
$208.00 Looking Ahead - Single, 4.5"x7"x4.5" on 8"x10" base
$280.00 Sentinel L (5"x11"x6.5") or Rejoice L (9"x9"x4.5")
$114.00 Sentinel S (2.7"x5.5"x3.2" or Rejoice S (5.5"x4"x4")
$410.00 Celebration! - 9"H on 13"x9" base
$465.00 Well Done! 7.5"H on 15"x9" base
$415.00 Encouraging - Pair, 7"H on 13"x9" base
$570.00 Exultant! 5 figures, 5.5"H on 12" diam base
$415.00 Entre Nous, 4.5"H on 13"x9" base
$200.00 The Apology I, 2.6"H on 10"x8" base
$320.00 Looking Ahead - Pair, 4.5"H on 13"x9" base
Options from: $85.00 to: $570.00




Competition Trophies - Bronze, Silver & Gold Made in Canada Eco Friendly
PC: 304-2370
A stand-out design to applaud bronze, silver and gold level performance - in the office or on the podium!

Imprint: etching on glass included (set-up& text changes

$88.00 Bronze, 4"W x 6.25"H
$116.00 Silver, 5"W x 6.25"H
$135.00 Gold, 5.5"W x 8.75"H

Northern Inukshuk

Northern Maple
Northern Maple

Northern Circle Awards Made in Canada
PC: 88-1331
For a distinctive look with generous inscription area, we recommend a jade glass disc supported by a pair of Inukshuks or Maple Leaves in your choice of black granite or aluminum. Available in 3 different sizes.

Imprint: etching included; optional colour-fill and set-up in addition

$100.00 Northern Maple, Sm - 5" diam (min 5 units)
$120.00 Northerm Maple, Med - 6" diam (min 5 units)
$140.00 Northern Maple, Lg - 7" diam (min 5 units)
$100.00 Northern Inukshuk, Sm - 5" diam (min 5 units)
$120.00 Northern Inukshuk, Med - 6" diam (min 5 units)
$140.00 Northern Inukshuk, Lg - 7" diam (min 5 units)
** 2-piece black gift box included for all

14" tall

Talking Stick Made in Canada
PC: 113-664
The Talking Stick is a popular and meaningful gift for corporate leaders, executives and business teams. Ours is handcarved from B.C. yellow cedar and comes in Eagle, Thunderbird, Raven, or Orca designs.

In traditional Native communities, the Talking Stick is passed among those who wish to speak at a gathering, as a sign of respect for free speech and a way of honouring all members of a group. It symbolizes that each has the power and freedom to speak openly without fear of censure, reminding all to listen to what is being said and focus clearly on the discussion.

Optional display stands and presentation boxes available.

Imprint: Laser engraving optional

$120.00 12-14" tall, one figure
$220.00 18-20" tall, 2 figures