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Awards & Recognition


Souvenirs of Canada
Souvenirs of Canada

Business Gifts
Business Gifts

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Souvenirs of Canada - Regional Themes:
Montreal & Quebec
Historic architecture blended with Euro-style chic. Gorgeous landscapes. A kaleidoscope of natural, cultural, and historical attractions in town and out. The charming yet cosmopolitan cities of Montreal and Quebec City offer it all. Here are a few suggestions to help build anticipation for the trip to come or leave them with a lasting memento.

Candle Gift Pack

Soap Gift Pack
Soap Gift Pack

Votive Candles
Votive Candles

Scented Souvenirs Made in Canada
PC: 254-1123
These attractive gift packs combine your choice of three souvenir candles or soaps in a natural pine box. Each is scented with beautiful floral fragrances of provincial flowers, with artwork featuring an illustration of the flower against a background of the provincial tartan.

Individually shrink-wrapped votive candles are also available. Candle tins deliver 25+ hours of burn time.

Soaps and candles available in the following scents:

Alberta Wild Rose
British Columbia Dogwood
Cape Breton Mayflower
Manitoba Crocus
New Brunswick Violet
Newfoundland Pitcher Plant
Nova Scotia Mayflower
O Canada! Maple Butter
Ontario Trillium
PEI Ladyslipper
Quebec Blue Flag Iris on Tartan (English)
Quebec-Iris Versicolore Quebecois (French)
Saskatchewan Western Red Lily
Yukon Fireweed

$3.00 Votive candle
$18.00 Gift pack of 3 soaps
$30.00 Gift pack of 3 tin candles



Provincial Map Magnets Made in Canada
PC: 202-954
Build the excitement for your travel program with a whimsical provincial map highlighting popular Canadian tourist destinations. Quality wood product, 1/4" thick, colourful graphics.

Available as a fridge magnet, boxed set of 4 coasters, keychain, magnetic note pad and thermometer magnet, there's a map for every province from British Columbia to Newfoundland and the Yukon.

Also available for each STATE -- from Alabama to Wyoming!

Size: sizes vary (eg. Ontario, approx 3"x2"x1/4")

$4.00 Shaped Magnet
$3.50 Key chain
$4.00 Thermometer Magnet
$7.95 Set of 4 coasters
$6.50 Magnetic notepad (not shown) 60 sheets/pencil



British Columbia
British Columbia


Adventure Tea Tins Made in Canada
PC: 245-1095
Sit back with a soothing cup of Maple Blueberry tea and imagine the adventure that lies ahead! These colourful collector tins feature vintage-style souvenir imagery from regions across the country: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Provinces.

Each tin contains 20 tea bags of premium Ceylon tea with string and tag in a flavour-sealed pouch.

$6.00 order in 6's, min. order 72 units

Maple leaf bottle

Maple Leaf Bottles of Syrup Made in Canada
PC: 146-1114
Pure Canadian maple syrup is always a delicious and appreciated gift! The classic maple leaf shaped glass bottles come in 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml sizes, filled with Gold Medal winning maple syrup.

$8.15 100 ml (order in 12's, min 48)
$13.75 250 ml (order in 12's, min 36)
$24.25 500 ml Grade A Light or Amber (order in 6's, min 24)

Quebec Cooking

Taste of Maple
Taste of Maple

Delices traditionnels
Delices traditionnels

Cookbook - Quebec and Maple Made in Canada
PC: 286-1203
A trio of cookbooks featuring traditional Quebec recipes...

"Traditional Quebec Cooking: A Treasury of Heirloom Recipes"- a tribute to the early settlers who left behind a rich culture that is very much alive in today's Quebec cuisine. Contains all the stanards: Tourtiere due Saguenay, Feves au Lard, Tarte a la Melasse, Penuche -- even a complete menu for a Sugaring Off Party!
- spiral bound, 150 pages, English

"A Taste of Maple - History and Recipes" - a comprehensive guide that guides the reader through history, production and recipes of this gastronomic pride of Quebec. Experience the tasteof maple in all its variety, from early colony recipes to new preparations.
- Perfect binding, 127 pages, English

"Delices traditionelles du Quebec" - Quebec cooking is easy to prepare and highlights natural flavours of the food. From cretons to maple syrup dumplings, this book of favourite traditional dishes showcases seasonal products such as maple syrup, blueberries, corn, buckwheat and more.
- Spiral bound, illustrated, 60 pages, French.

$12.00 Delices traditionnels du Quebec
$19.00 Traditional Quebec Cooking
$19.00 A Taste of Maple

Chateau Frontenac


Framing Options
Framing Options

Lamination Options
Lamination Options

Quebec Scenes Made in Canada
PC: 284-1198
Richly hued lithographic reproductions of original artwork on silk are printed in limited editions. Available in a variety of sizes and framing formats to suit any budget.

Most designs are evocative of Quebec's old city and rural landscapes depicting: Chateau Frontenac, churches and shopfronts of Old Montreal and Vielle Quebec, the wonderful staircases of Montreal's rowhouses, and beautiful countryside vistas.

$15.00 Laminated lithograph, 5"x7" (A)
$22.00 Laminated lithograph, 7"x9", choice of frame colour (C)
$59.00 Extra large flushmount lithograph, 14"x20"
$40.00 Wood framed lithograph, double mat & glass, 9.5"x11.5" (E)
$35.00 Floating wood frame between 2 pcs glass, 8.5"x10.5" (F)
$79.00 Double picture, wood frame, double mat & glass (G)
$89.00 Triple picture, wood frame, double mat & glass (H)

Montreal book

Montreal Coffee Table Book Made in Canada
PC: 100-923
In vibrant colour photographs, this book captures the romance, diversity, and excitement of Montreal. From the cobblestoned squares of the old city to the lively jazz festival, each page is a stunning visual tour. Hard cover, 10"x10", 99 pages, 70 colour photographs.

Other Canadian city titles: Banff, Calgary, Edmonton, Niagara, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler.


Curved Wood Frames

Contemporary Curved Photo Frame Made in Canada
PC: 339-2290
This glass-free curved wood frame crafted by hand in North American maple, cherry or walnut is available in horizontal or vertical format to fit a 4"x6" photo.


Maple Sugar Shack

Framed Collection
Framed Collection

Canadian Scenes in Relief - Large Made in Canada
PC: 177-892
Canadian scenes handcast in plaster and finished to dramatic metallic finish or bone finish. Custom designs available.

Large casting in metallic frame, 13" x 10.75"
- Maple Sugar Bush
- Marina
- Farm
- Wild Land
- Fishermen
- Teaching
- Chateau Frontenac

$30.00 6" x 6" plaque
$105.00 13" x 10.75" framed

Red Fondue Bowl

Fondue Bowl Made in Canada
PC: 314-2166
The province of Quebec is famous for its artisinal cheeses. This handmade pottery fondue bowl from Quebec would be a great memento for your visitors. Put a bit of Camembert or other favourite leftover cheese in the bowl. Add a little white wine or port, figs, chopped almonds, cover and bake for a quick and easy fondue served with fruits or bread.

Size: approx. 2.75"H x 5.5"diam
Colours: red, blue, yellow or green

$32.00 any colour

Chateau Frontenac

Other Designs
Other Designs

Frame Options
Frame Options

Inscription Plate
Inscription Plate

Silk Images Made in Canada
PC: 338-2288
Original artwork, graphic elements and photographic images are digitally composed then printed on silk and mounted in wood frames. These dreamlike images with their subtle references to Canada will be long appreciated at home or office. Framed without glass, they are safe and easy to ship or pack for international gifting. Choice of classic cherry or contemporary black with gold edge frame. Custom designs are available upon request to reflect your destination or program theme.

Imprint: Optional inscription plate

$32.00 7"x9" frame, with or without matte
$40.00 10"x12" frame, with or without matte


Other sizes
Other sizes

Etched Maple Leaf Vase Made in Canada
PC: 51-572
The distictive, contemporary shape of our pewter vase is enhanced by a subtly etched leaf design, either maple or multi-leaf pattern.

Handcrafted from lead-free pewter, each piece is stamped with the traditional maker's touchmark.

Size: vases: 3.35", 5.5", 6.5", 8", 10" high

$38.00 3.25" high vase
$64.00 5.5" high vase
$84.00 6.5" high vase
$108.00 8" high vase
$189.00 10" high vase (as shown)


Bottle Coaster
Bottle Coaster

Maple Leaf Etched Coasters Made in Canada
PC: 51-891
Cast in pewter with etched maple leaf design. To make the set even more special, your logo or message may be custom etched on one or more of the coasters.

Size: Coasters: 4" diameter
Bottle coaster: 5" diameter

Imprint: Custom etching at additional charge

$75.00 set of 4 coasters
$34.00 bottle coaster
$105.00 set of 4 coasters & bottle coaster

Post and Hold

Magnetic Card/Note Holder Made in Canada
PC: 336-2283
Handcrafted with style, use the magnets to post notes or business cards to the front and store your cards behind. Available in cherry, walnut or maple magnetic wood. Measures 3.5"x2"x3.5"h.

$35.50 includes 1 location laser engraving

Clear Shapes


Cast Glass Paperweights Made in Canada
PC: 22-355
Handcrafted in Quebec, these glass paperweights are available in several clear shapes (deskpad, round, demi-lune) which allow for optional sandblasted inscriptions, as well as nature-inspired designs that include maple leaf, wheat stalks, and feather.

Custom designs upon request.

Imprint: optional sandblasting on clear glass designs

$38.00 feather - about 4.5" long
$38.00 wheat, maple leaf - about 3.5" diam.
$38.00 deskpad shape - about 2.75"sq
$38.00 round - about 3.5" diam
$38.00 demi-lune - about 3.75"long

Trinket Box, 4"

Pewter Box - Maple Leaf Design Made in Canada
PC: 51-890
This elegant round keepsake box in hammered pewter comes from Quebec and features an elegant maple leaf design etched on lid. Available in five sizes.

Size: diameter: 1.75", 2.5", 3", 4", 5.5"
Imprint: Custom etching is optional

$39.00 1.75" diameter
$49.00 2.5" diameter
$52.00 3" diameter
$68.00 4" diameter
$99.00 5.5" diameter

Desk Notes

Desk Notes Made in Canada
PC: 336-2281
Use the 1000 sheets of 100% recycled paper to keep you busy writing notes, reminders and important phone numbers. Available in walnut, cherry or maple. Measures 2" x 8" x 6" h.

Imprint: Optional laser engraving on wood face

$44.00 includes laser engraving on one side (min 24 units)




Aluminum Paintings Made in Canada
PC: 271-2287
Peaceful vistas of meadow and seaside are painted on brushed and engraved aluminum in these unique works of art. With no glass, they pack and travel well making them a perfect gift for visiting executives or international delegates. Available in a wide range of sizes in horizontal, vertical or square formats.

Size: wide range from 5"x5" to 16"x32" (prices on request)

$90.00 Horizontal/Vertical 5"x12"
$65.00 Horizontal/Vertical 5"x10"
$65.00 Square 7"x7"
$45.00 Square 5"x5"

Dovetail notepad

Dovetail Notepad Made in Canada
PC: 336-2284
Echoing partnership and successful union, the Dovetail Notepad is a hit on many levels! The paper pad slides into the hardwood blocks with the satisfaction usually reserved for furniture builders. Available in cherry or walnut with no hole, hole on the top, or hole through the side. Post-its from recycled paper. They're just cool!

Size: about 5"x2.75"x2.75"h

$46.00 includes 1 location laser engraving on wood

Singing Rooster

Other designs
Other designs

Pewter Rooster Made in Canada
PC: 51-1200
Symbolic of the French nation, the rooster is a common sight in Quebec communities -- on church steeples, wayside crosses, barn gables and rooftops of homes. A decorative and meaningful memory of time spent in this beautiful province. All are handcrafted in pewter and mounted on a wood base. Each measures 6.5 to 9" in height.

$49.00 Singing Rooster
$47.00 All other designs




Canadiana motif magnets
Canadiana motif magnets

Contemporary Wood & Steel Picture Frames Made in Canada
PC: 335-2280
These stylish picture frames are a very popular gift for home or office! Easy to ship, easy to pack. Photos are held in place with four cast pewter magnets - swapping out old photos for new has never been this fun and easy! Choose from a wide selection of magnet designs to create a gift with a personalized touch.

$47.00 6"x8" horizontal - curved steel on dark wood
$47.00 8"x6" vertical - steel on dark wood
$47.00 6"x8" horizontal - steel on dark wood


Cast Glass Candle Holders Made in Canada
PC: 50-546
Each handcast glass candleholder in blue with yellow or orange accent is one-of-a-kind. Gift boxed with a hand-poured beeswax votive candle.

Size: small (6" high), large (9" high)

$50.00 small
$60.00 large

Magnetic Wood Card Holder

Magnitic Business Card Holder Made in Canada
PC: 336-2282
Add a unique touch to the desk! The magnets on this creative handcrafted wood card holder will hold notes or business cards. The perfect complement to other wood desktop accessories in this line. Available in walnut, cherry or maple magnetic wood! Measures 3.5" x 4" x 3" high

$51.00 includes 1 location laser engraving (min 24 units)

Bachelor Slim Desk Notes

Bachelor Slim Desk Notes Made in Canada
PC: 336-2286
It's cool to be frugal! The stainless steel slider of this handcrafted notepad lets you tear as you go. Jot a note, and tear it off. Available in walnut, cherry or maple.

Size: 11"L x 2.5"W x 1"H

$57.00 includes 1 location laser engraving on wood

Clock designs

Cast Glass Desk Clock Made in Canada
PC: 22-867
Handcrafted sandcast glass clocks in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Made in Quebec.

Size: from: 3.75" to 7.25"

$78.00 round clock, 4.5" (236)
$68.00 square clock, 3.75" (235)
$88.00 half-moon clock, 4" (237)
$98.00 oval clock, 7.25" (238)


Landscapes in Engraved Aluminum
PC: 271-1155
Inspired by the hills and shorelines of Quebec and Eastern Canada, the artist's distinctive technique consists of engraving aluminum with steel brushes and incorporating paint into the etching. The result is awesome -- ethereal landscapes that shimmer with light and reflection!

Available in a range of sizes to suit any budget -- from 5"x10" to 16"x20" in gold or silver aluminum frames.

$70.00 5"x10"
$140.00 8"x12"
$230.00 11"square
$260.00 11"x16"

Puzzle Coasters

Puzzle Coasters in Cast Glass Made in Canada
PC: 22-551
Our handcrafted glass puzzle coasters are available in clear or multi-coloured sets, and can be inscribed with your message or logo etched onto the top surface of the glass. Each is a substantial 4 1/2" wide by 3/8" thick.

The puzzle design is also available as a paperweight, about the same dimensions, just a bit heavier at about 5/8" thick.

Colours: Red, blue, green, yellow; or clear
Imprint: Etching optional at additional charge

$96.00 set of 4, clear glass
$108.00 set of 4, multi-coloured glass

Tree design

Globe & Tree
Globe & Tree

Sandcast Glass Bookends - Tree & Globe designs Made in Canada
PC: 22-817
The themes of knowledge, vision, growth, and communication are expressed in the "Tree" and "Globe" designs of these inspiring sandcast glass bookends. Perfect for Earth Day, eco-friendly, learning and education programs.

Size: about 5 1/4" high
Imprint: etching available at additional charge