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Awards & Recognition
Awards & Recognition


Souvenirs of Canada
Souvenirs of Canada

Business Gifts
Business Gifts

Promotional Products
Business Gifts:
Office & Travel
A wide selection of tasteful business & executive gifts that will make life in the office and on the road a little bit easier - and maybe even a little bit more fun!

Custom Logo Cookie

Corporate Cookies
Corporate Cookies

Destination themes
Destination themes

Gift boxes
Gift boxes

Custom Cookies Made in Canada
PC: 147-705
With the taste of these yummy jumbo cookies in their mouths, you'll definitely be on their minds! Winner of the Canadian Specialty Food Association's Award for Best Food Packaging and Design.

There's a cookie creation for every event, business promotion, and celebration! Or request a custom design to fit your occasion.

Size: 3" to 12"

On quotation, from $3.00 to $40.00

116 Word Kit

55 Word Kit
55 Word Kit

Plastic Case
Plastic Case

Additional colours optional
Additional colours optional

Magnetic Word Kits
PC: 219-941
Add your own logo and message to one of our stock word kits. Or customize a few or all of the words to get your unique message across! Can be packaged in an optional clear plastic case.

Stock themes for 116 word kits (min. Qty 500) include:
Household, Motivational, Shopping List

Stock words for 55 word kits (min. Qty 500) include:
Get a Life!, Techie, Financial, To Do List, and Healthcare.

Also available: Mini Motivational 30 word format.

Size: Magnet sheet: 8 1/4" x 3 1/2" including business card magnet
Plastic case: 3"x3.25"x3/8"

Colours: one colour imprint is standard; additional or PMS matched colours at added charge
Imprint: includes 1 colour imprint

$1.05 Mini 30 word set
$1.30 Standard (116 words) or Funky (55 words) Style, 500 minimum
$0.75 Optional plastic case

Custom magnets

Product Options
Product Options

Custom Full-colour Wood Magnets Made in Canada
PC: 202-1092
Make these funky and colourful wood magnets your own!

Give us your art and we'll transform it into any of these custom products -- magnets, coasters, keychains, calendars, magnetic notepads, thermometers.

Minimum order 144 units. Set-up charges in addition.

$4.00 Magnets
$3.50 Keychains
$4.00 Bi-level magnets
$4.00 Thermometers
$7.50 Coaster sets

Compass Rose box, Small

Compass Rose box, Large
Compass Rose box, Large

Compass Rose keyring
Compass Rose keyring

Compass Rose picture frame
Compass Rose picture frame

Compass Rose Pewter Gifts Made in Canada
PC: 226-2173
For those who steer your organization toward success, this distinctive design embellishes handcrafted pewter gifts, perfect for home or office. Since the 1300s, the Compass Rose has appeared on naval charts and maps, offering a promise of safe passage whether to the shores of home or faraway adventures.

$15.50 Key ring
$46.00 Small box, 1"H x 3.25" diam
$49.00 Large box, 2"H x 3.25" diam
$67.00 Picture frame, 5"x7" opening

Standing Glass Disk Paperweight

Glass & Crystal Paperweight Styles
Glass & Crystal Paperweight Styles

Glass and Crystal Paperweights
PC: 88-981
Your choice of paperweight style can be deep-etched with your logo or message for a gift of lasting appreciation. Gift boxed.

Etch with your own design or choose from our collection of wilderness and Native art designs by Canadian artists.

Imprint: Includes etching of your custom artwork [+ $80 set-up]

$36.00 Standing disk, 3.5" (min 10)
$50.00 Standing disk, 4.5" (min 10)
$33.00 Slanted & Dome styles, 3.5" diam (min 15)
$15.75 Round flat, 3.5"diam (min 25)
$40.00 Optical Crystal oval, 2.75"x4" or round 3.5"diam (min 10)
$27.00 Optical Crystal square, 2.5"x2.5" (min 20)
$40.00 Optical Crystal heart (min 10)

Square Puzzle Coaster

Round Puzzle Coaster
Round Puzzle Coaster

Pewter Puzzle Coasters Made in Canada
PC: 135-1179
Custom pewter puzzle coaster in your choice of 3, 4 or 6 puzzle pieces. Your artwork cast into the mold for the base and/or individual puzzle pieces. Gift boxed.

$22.00 6 piece square, 3 3/8" wide
$23.00 3 or 4 piece round, 3 3/8" diameter



Desk Clock Made in Canada Eco Friendly
PC: 15-2317
A gift to remember for all time! These clocks are beautifully carved in high grade resin made of recycled glass and enhanced by quality Seiko movement. Available in a versatile Sun or BasketWeave motif.

$28.00 Either style

Summit Water Carafe

Other styles
Other styles

Water Carafe and Glass
PC: 143-1062
The refreshing addition to any desktop or side table. Your choice of beautiful 2-piece desk water carafe set may be custom etched with your design and/or logo. Gift boxed.

Imprint: etching included; set-up in addition

$28.00 Summit, 16oz (min 25)
$34.00 Naples, 18 oz (min 25)
$58.00 Bellamy, 22 oz (min 20)
$135.00 Medallion, 24 oz (min 6)
$145.00 Cavanaugh, 24 oz (min 6)



Curved Glass Photo Frames
PC: 88-1070
Curved jade glass photo frames with gold tone insert feature a bevelled edge and come in either a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Imprint: etching included [+$80 set-up]

$38.00 Horizontal 12" x 5.5"H (5x3.5 photo)
$48.00 Horizontal, [4x6 photo]
$58.00 Horizontal, 13.5"x7.5"H (7x5 photo)
$32.00 Vertical 7" x 5"H (2x3 photo)
$78.00 Horizontal, [8x10 photo]
$38.00 Vertical 10" x 7"H (3.5x5 photo)
$48.00 Vertical 10" x 8"H (4x6 photo)
$58.00 Vertical 14" x 9"H (5x7" photo)
$78.00 Vertical (8"X10' photo)

Post and Hold

Magnetic Card/Note Holder Made in Canada
PC: 336-2283
Handcrafted with style, use the magnets to post notes or business cards to the front and store your cards behind. Available in cherry, walnut or maple magnetic wood. Measures 3.5"x2"x3.5"h.

$35.50 includes 1 location laser engraving

Clear Shapes


Cast Glass Paperweights Made in Canada
PC: 22-355
Handcrafted in Quebec, these glass paperweights are available in several clear shapes (deskpad, round, demi-lune) which allow for optional sandblasted inscriptions, as well as nature-inspired designs that include maple leaf, wheat stalks, and feather.

Custom designs upon request.

Imprint: optional sandblasting on clear glass designs

$38.00 feather - about 4.5" long
$38.00 wheat, maple leaf - about 3.5" diam.
$38.00 deskpad shape - about 2.75"sq
$38.00 round - about 3.5" diam
$38.00 demi-lune - about 3.75"long

Desk Notes

Desk Notes Made in Canada
PC: 336-2281
Use the 1000 sheets of 100% recycled paper to keep you busy writing notes, reminders and important phone numbers. Available in walnut, cherry or maple. Measures 2" x 8" x 6" h.

Imprint: Optional laser engraving on wood face

$44.00 includes laser engraving on one side (min 24 units)

Dovetail notepad

Dovetail Notepad Made in Canada
PC: 336-2284
Echoing partnership and successful union, the Dovetail Notepad is a hit on many levels! The paper pad slides into the hardwood blocks with the satisfaction usually reserved for furniture builders. Available in cherry or walnut with no hole, hole on the top, or hole through the side. Post-its from recycled paper. They're just cool!

Size: about 5"x2.75"x2.75"h

$46.00 includes 1 location laser engraving on wood

Magnetic Wood Card Holder

Magnitic Business Card Holder Made in Canada
PC: 336-2282
Add a unique touch to the desk! The magnets on this creative handcrafted wood card holder will hold notes or business cards. The perfect complement to other wood desktop accessories in this line. Available in walnut, cherry or maple magnetic wood! Measures 3.5" x 4" x 3" high

$51.00 includes 1 location laser engraving (min 24 units)

Lighthouse Box

Box, Lighthouse design Made in Canada Eco Friendly
PC: 15-1210
Lighthouses have long stood on Canada's rugged coastlines, providing direction and symbolizing hope and safe harbour. Truly functional, this Lighthouse box holds a double deck of cards, business cards, memo pads or your most treasured keepsakes. Made of bound recycled glass.

Size: 4"x6"

$52.00 4"x6" box, Lighthouse design




Desk Box, Wildlife design Made in Canada Eco Friendly
PC: 15-2314
A handsome and useful addition to any desk or table, these 4"x6" boxes are made from recycled glass, cast from original sculptures by West Coast artist Thomas McPhee, renowned for the richly tactile quality and fluid lines of his style. Available in Cougar, Bear or Eagle motif.

$52.00 Any style, 4"x6"

Bachelor Slim Desk Notes

Bachelor Slim Desk Notes Made in Canada
PC: 336-2286
It's cool to be frugal! The stainless steel slider of this handcrafted notepad lets you tear as you go. Jot a note, and tear it off. Available in walnut, cherry or maple.

Size: 11"L x 2.5"W x 1"H

$57.00 includes 1 location laser engraving on wood

Clock designs

Cast Glass Desk Clock Made in Canada
PC: 22-867
Handcrafted sandcast glass clocks in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Made in Quebec.

Size: from: 3.75" to 7.25"

$78.00 round clock, 4.5" (236)
$68.00 square clock, 3.75" (235)
$88.00 half-moon clock, 4" (237)
$98.00 oval clock, 7.25" (238)

Pewter Leaf Clock

Pewter Leaf Clock Made in Canada
PC: 18-344
Maple, oak and other leaves are artfully etched across the face of our handsome 6" high cast pewter clock. Batteries included. Gift boxed.





Optical Crystal Desk Clocks
PC: 88-1071
Tasteful and practical, clocks make exceptional gifts and presentaiton pieces. This stylish assortment, perfect for desk or mantlepiece, offers designs to complement any décor.

Imprint: includes custom etching; set-up in addition

$125.00 Prestige, 5"W x 4.5"H (min 5)
$95.00 Achieve, 5" diameter (min 5)
$120.00 Elegance, 2"H x 3"W (min 5)

Puzzle Coasters

Puzzle Coasters in Cast Glass Made in Canada
PC: 22-551
Our handcrafted glass puzzle coasters are available in clear or multi-coloured sets, and can be inscribed with your message or logo etched onto the top surface of the glass. Each is a substantial 4 1/2" wide by 3/8" thick.

The puzzle design is also available as a paperweight, about the same dimensions, just a bit heavier at about 5/8" thick.

Colours: Red, blue, green, yellow; or clear
Imprint: Etching optional at additional charge

$96.00 set of 4, clear glass
$108.00 set of 4, multi-coloured glass

Glass in wood tray

Executive Coaster Set
PC: 88-1069
Protect surfaces and make an elegant statement with a beautiful executive coaster set.

Imprint: Etching included [+ $80 set-up]

$112.00 Set of 4 jade glass coasters in wood tray

Tree design

Globe & Tree
Globe & Tree

Sandcast Glass Bookends - Tree & Globe designs Made in Canada
PC: 22-817
The themes of knowledge, vision, growth, and communication are expressed in the "Tree" and "Globe" designs of these inspiring sandcast glass bookends. Perfect for Earth Day, eco-friendly, learning and education programs.

Size: about 5 1/4" high
Imprint: etching available at additional charge


Crystal bookends

Etched Glass or Crystal Bookends Made in Canada
PC: 88-1068
Elegant glass or crystal bookends custom etched with your message are a memorable & functional addition to any office.

Imprint: Etching included; set-up additional

$185.00 Pair of Starfire crystal - each is 6"x6"
$160.00 Pair of Jade glass - each is 6"x6"