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Souvenirs of Canada
Souvenirs of Canada

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Business Gifts

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Souvenirs of Canada - Foods of Canada:
Other Favourites
These delicious tastes of Canada are simply irresistible! Easy to pack, affordable, and tasty treats from every province are a great way to leave them with a lasting impression of your conference, tradeshow or incentive trip.

Regional Labels

Toronto Tag
Toronto Tag

Candy choices
Candy choices

Destination Tags
Destination Tags

Souvenir Candy & Snack Packs Made in Canada
PC: 255-1127
Create your own unique keepsake by combining your choice of candy with the souvenir tag from your destination!

Candy, nut and snack choices range from gum balls, maple candy, Scotch mints and fruit minis to chocolate blueberries and cherries, chocolate loonies and toonies, trail mix, and cashews. There are even several "No sugar added" chocolate options.

Labels include:
- Canada
- Quebec, Canada
- British Columbia, Canada
- Banff, Canada
- Toronto, Canada
- Prince Edward Island, Canada
- Nova Scotia, Canada
- Niagara Falls, Canada
- Muskoka, Canada
- New Brunswick, Canada
- Labrador, Canada
- Friendly Manitoba
- Ottawa, Canada

$3.00 Trail mix, 80g
$3.95 Raspberry chocolate balls, 75g
$4.00 Chocolate almonds 90g
$2.50 Maple candy 75g
$2.50 Pub nuts, Butter Toffee Nuts, 80g
$2.10 Scotch mints

Milk and dark chocolate bars

Chocolate Bar, Native design Made in Canada
PC: 212-2300
Delicious high quality Belgian chocolate bar with distinctive Native art packaging and image engraved into the bar. Milk chocolate comes in choice of Frog or Hummingbird design, dark chocolate is in the dramatic red and black Chilkat Whale design.

Size: 4.75 x 2.5"

$2.95 Choice of milk or dark chocolate bar (min 150 units)

Taste of Canada chocolate bar

Choice of destination
Choice of destination

Taste of Canada Chocolate Bars Made in Canada
PC: 346-2302
Our "Chocolate Taste from Canada" bar pairs the sweet flavour of Canadian Maple Syrup with Rogers' famous milk chocolate. A treat that's sure to delight! Or choose a pure milk chocolate bar with colourful destination wrapper to welcome your delegates. There's a bar for Victoria, Vancouver, Whistler, Alberta, Niagara Falls and Toronto!

$3.95 per bar, 2.6oz/75g (12/case, min 120 bars)

Maple Leaves Pasta

Destination tags
Destination tags

Maple Leaf Pasta Made in Canada
PC: 255-1367
Specialty pasta in maple leaf shapes. Serves 2-3. Select your own destination hangtag.


Royal Canadian Tea

Royal Canadian Tea Made in Canada
PC: 245-2256
For a break from your day have a cup of Royal Canadian Tea. This premium Orange Pekoe tea was blended and packed in Canada. Ready for gifting in this handsome collector tin featuring Royal Canadian Mounties.

$7.95 24 tea bags
$5.95 12 tea bags

Classics Line

Caramel & Almond Brittles
Caramel & Almond Brittles

Classic Chocolates Made in Canada
PC: 346-2301
Here are a couple of delicious introductions to Rogers' chocolates, one of Canada's premier chocolate makers located in beautiful British Columbia. Choose from the 3.7oz (105g) box containing 8 pieces from their Classics line including truffles, caramels and their famous Victoria cream mini's. Or the 4.6 oz (130g) keepsake gingham tin filled with milk and dark butter caramels and almond brittles.


Maple Leaf Chocolates

Maple Leaf Chocolates Made in Canada
PC: 316-2180
Sixteen gold foil cups filled with creamy Belgian chocolate, then individually decorated with royal icing in a colourful maple leaf design. Handmade in Toronto. [Cool weather shipping only.]

$12.00 16 pc box

Smoked Salmon Pate

Two sizes
Two sizes

Smoked Salmon Pate in Wood Gift Box Made in Canada
PC: 128-710
The Haida people of Canada's West Coast historically presented gifts of food in decorated cedar boxes. Designed in this tradition, our wooden gift boxes are handcrafted from reclaimed Canadian cedar and contain tins of smoked salmon pâté, an Ocean Wise Recommended product.

$15.00 1 tin Smoked Salmon Pate
$30.00 3 tins Smoked Salmon Pate

Smoked Salmon in Ceramic Tile Boxes

Smoked Salmon in Wood Boxes
Smoked Salmon in Wood Boxes

Smoked Salmon in Native Design Boxes Made in Canada
PC: 174-886
Your choice of delicious, smoked wild pink salmon or wild sockeye salmon presented in hand crafted gift boxes with wood or limited edition tile lid. The tiles make excellent wall hangings or trivets. The perfect Canadian souvenir!

Native designs include: Inukshuk, Pacific Salmon, Spirit Salmon, Maple Leaf, and Spirit Bear.

$21.00 4 oz. Pink Salmon in wood box
$25.00 4 oz. Sockeye Salmon in wood box
$27.00 8 oz. Pink Salmon in wood box
$31.00 8 oz. Sockeye Salmon in wood box
$35.00 16 oz. Pink Salmon in wood box
$45.00 16 oz. Sockeye Salmon in wood box
$25.00 4 oz. Pink Salmon in tile box
$30.00 4 0z. Sockeye Salmon in tile box
$37.00 8 oz. Pink Salmon in tile box
$45.00 8 oz. Sockeye Salmon in tile box

Cedar Gift Box

Cedar Box of Smoked Salmon Made in Canada Eco Friendly
PC: 128-2226
The Haida people of Canada’s West Coast historically presented gifts of food in decorated cedar boxes. Designed in this tradition, the box is made in Canada from reclaimed cedar. The box contains a gold foil pouch of naturally smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon, an Ocean Wise Recommended product. It will keep without refrigeration until opened. Delicious!

$30.00 113g (1/4 lb)
$40.00 227g (1/2 lb)
$65.00 454g (1 lb)